Naruto spoiler 693 We are friends!!

Scene starts with Naruto, standing in front of Sasuke.

Naruto: Sasuke... I can't let you do this, i will stop you!
Sasuke: Hun hun... Naruto, you can't hide anything to me, i have sharingans, i took the Nine bijuus under my control, you can't rely on them. Even if you still have half of Kyuubi!
Naruto: After all this time, you're still underestimating me...
Sasuke: No, that is not it, i really think it will be a waste to kill you... Think about it again, you can join me and give to this world a true peace, where everyone can live together!
Naruto: What you're talking about is tyranny! Why, why have you to always do that kind of things?
Sasuke: So you won't let me choice... Naruto, i will erase your existence from this world.
Hagoromo: This fight, again and again!

Panel shows Naruto, preparing a bijuudama.
Sasuke: Amaterasu!
Naruto: Gwaaah!

Naruto is burnt by black fire, and falls in the ground.
Sakura/Kakashi: Naruto!!!
Sasuke: You!!! Don't move. I will kill without hesitation if you try to save him.
Sakura: Sasuke...
Kakashi: Sasuke, why?!
Naruto: POOOF!

Naruto's clone is destroyed, a panel shows the real one behind Sasuke, ready to hit him. Sasuke is shown, smirking, he uses his rinnegan and flees away, using his shunshin.

Sasuke: You will not beat me, Naruto, not like that.

Naruto activates his Rikudo mode, and looks to Kakashi and Sakura.
Naruto: Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan, can you help me?!
Kakashi/Sakura: ?!!
Sakura: But how?
Sasuke: Naruto, what is that, i though that you wanted to defeat me on your own, that was what you said this day!
Naruto: Yeah, that's was what i though, but i met your brother, Itachi.
Sasuke: ?!!
Naruto: He told me a precious thing, that's not because someone becomes hokage that he will be recognize, that's because people recognizes him that he can become hokage. And... I can't take all on me, if not i will become like Madara.
Naruto: That's why i can rely on my friends and that's why they can do the same with me! That's my power, that's my friend! I can't forget them, Sasuke... We are friends! I believe one day people can understand each other, that will be our power, and give us peace.
Sasuke: You're just dreaming, my poor Naruto!
Naruto: Kakashi, i want you as my tactical leader, Sakura, you will be my backup!
Kakashi/Sakura: Yes!!!
Sasuke: Come, Naruto!!

Naruto starts attacking him, both start a terrible fight.
Naruto: Rasengan!
Sasuke: Enton-Black Sword!
Naruto: Wah!!

Naruto goes on defensive and just dodges Sasuke's sword, Kakashi throws a flash bomb and do some handseals.
Kakashi: Doton-Mud Wall!

A wall appears between them and protects Naruto from the flash.
Sasuke: My eyes!
Kakashi emerges from the ground and take the relay, fighting Sasuke with a kunai.
Sasuke: I have a sharingan, i can anticipate all your movements.
Kakashi: What do you think about that?
Kakashi destroyed himself and shows his true nature.
Kakashi: Raiton-Lightning clone!
Sasuke falls on the ground, unable to move due to lightning.
Sasuke: Gwaaah! (I see, the flash bomb was used to hide the clone!)
Naruto: Rasengan!
Naruto uses his rasengan and throws him on Sakura.
Sakura: That's my turn, Shanarooo!
She punches him on the faces. Sasuke is sent on the ground, breaking it.
Sasuke: That's it... You really piss me of! I will go with all i have!
Sasuke activates his PS and looks at them.
Sasuke: What can you do now?


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Naruto Prediction 693: Naruto' Determination

H: Hagoromo, N: Naruto, S: Sasuke.

H to N: I could not find the answer N, so I am entrusting the future of shinobi world to u N. I'll be leaving now at any time.
N: I'll not disappoint u old man.

N to S: S, do u remember the time we met at the bridge, what I had told u.
(Flashback: N to S: When we exchanged fists, were u able to read what was inside my mind, S. We both will die , if we fight.)

S: Yeah, but as I said last time, u r the one who is going to die, N.

N: S, before we do anything, I just want to say that come to me with all the hatred u have got, coz after we r done, I don't want u to have any regrets. don't back yourself even a little.

S: ...... As annoying as always. I'll make sure that I kill u.

N: (smiling)..

(Inside N's mind:: All the tailed beasts are gathered, but all have S's rinnegan eyes, i.e. they r in genjutsu.
N disturbs their chakra flow and they all r awake now, freed from the genjutsu.
Panel shows N thinking about Jiraiya's training, when he taught him how to break free from genjutsu.

Hachibi: Good work N. I also once freed Bee from Sasuke' genjutsu by disturbing his chakra flow.)

N is shown is the RM chakra cloak with black orbs behind him. S is shown forming his susano'o.

S: Here I come N!!!

N: (shown shouting) Sasukeeeeee!!!!!!

N forms Giant Rasenshuriken while S forms susano'o shuriken.

Both attacks collide and are shown to have nullified after a huge blast. ( Kakashi and sakura are shown to be shocked at such huge blast.)

Chapter ends with slogan: " What will become of the brother's unending feud????"

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Naruto chapter 693- "THAT JUTSU.."

sasuke - it is time for a revolution.....[with that evil look]

naruto - here we go again off....hmph

naruto - now it is the time to use that jutsu.....

naruto - sexy no jutsu..[turns to a girl]

sakura - baka..

kakashi/hogomoro -

naruto - it did not work out on you..

naruto - ok try this one again sexy no jutsu [turns to a man]

kakashi/sasuke - damn that mother ****er doesn't know any thing except this jutsu of his own i suppose.

naruto - [remembers when he threw the dilog while beating kaguya with sexy jutsu] this jutsu always work on strong people

naruto - that means you are not strong ya sasugay....

naruto - what are you ? are not interested in man not in women either so what are you....??

sasuke - i am ..i am.. a .a.. neuter

naturo / sakura - after some time

kakashi -

hogomoro - i shared my chakra with my sons..... that means indra was too a...

hogomoro - damn i dont want to be in this world **** this NARDO deal with him

naruto - okk gramps..

sasuke - no one is taking me seriously now ....why i told this ...

naruto - [mean while notices that sasuke is frustrated] now take this [shadow clone no sexy no jutsu ] turns to a nuter

sasuke - naruto beats sasuke's ass off

naruto - yes i tnj'd and fooderized him

sasuke - i think i will disappear now from this world and go to my original place fare well kakashi we will meet in the next life then we will rock and roll together

kakashi - sasugayyyyyyyyyy

naruto / sakura -

naruto - thanx bdm for this extreme plot no jutsu ..

me/kishi/viewers.. =

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