NARUTO MANGA PREDICTION 674 "Infinite power"

Extreme clashing!

[First scene shows view at Madara's side floating in mid-air while forming handseal]
Madara: Let's find out who is the most powerfull among us !
Naruto/Sasuke(shows no surprise as they glare at Madara): ...
[Scene shows heavy wind blowing around floating in mid-air Madara.]
Naruto/Sasuke(keep emotionless look): ?! * The heat in the air..., also the chills I get. Something powerfull is comming*
[Naruto and Sasuke moving their face to each other 's side as they nod to each other]
[Naruto and Sasuke are shown looking back at Madara]
Madara(focused): *I can feel much more power in myself, amost infinite, however witout other eye I am limited to only half of full power *
[Suddenly the sky glows creating immense thunderstorm]

Naruto(turns to where Sasuke were): Sasuke get !-(stops in mid sentence)?!
[The swirl is shown fading away next to Naruto]
[The massive lightings struck the ground where Naruto is]
Madara(smirks): Let's see can they surivive this (swirl appearing behind Madara's back is shown)
[Sasuke is shown emerging from the swirl ]
Madara: ?!
[menancing chakra blade like Sussano's blade is shown comming at Madara's back]
[Madara turns around and block the Sussano's blade with new reformed black orbs creating square shield]
Madara: don't get cocky kid *Damn, he caught me before I would gather more power*(narrows his eyes, as Sasuke pressure him backwards)
[Shot on Sasuke's left hand with crescent moon visible stretched at side ]

[Purple chakra leaks from Sasuke's left hand at Madara's side ]
[Sussano astrial chakra warrior forms at Madara's side swinging it's blade at him]
Madara(focused looking at Sasuke still): ?! (catches with his left hand Sussano blade swinged at his side)
Madara(mocking tone): Is that all ?!
[Suddenly Madara's black shield cracks]
[The shield breaks into pieces as Madara is shown hit by massive purple arrow straight in his chest send him flying.]
Sasuke(smirks): not so tough
Madara(widden his eye): *his eye , it isn't just oridinary Rinnegan, it has nine tomoes also* (while hurling into hill nearby)
[The smoke clear up around ground]

[Coral with sand mixed barrier is shown stretching over quite big radius]
[The barrier breaks into pieces falling on ground]
[Sasuke is shown landing on the ground next to Naruto. In The background powerfull explosion goes off]
Naruto(mad): Damn you Sasuke, didn't we say that we were going to do it together !
Sasuke(smirks): hmpf, always one step behind. Aren't you, Naruto ?
Naruto(get serious): stop being full of yourself, Madara is not done yet.
Sasuke(narrows his eyes in direction of the cloud of smoke): I think as well.
[The evil laugh comes suddenly from the cloud as it spreads around]
[The powerfull burst occurs from the smoke cloud]
[The smoke cloud get fully blown away as Madara is bursting into mid-air ]

[Kakashi is shown watching Naruto and Sasuke shown into background]
Kakashi(shocked): * Sasuke too ?! I can't explain it but Naruto and Sasuke just became much more powerfull... *
Kakashi(narrows his eye): *I count on you, Naruto and Sasuke.*
[The scene changes to laying Gai on ground surrounded by Lee and Gaara]
Lee(sad): Gai's sensei ... *Even although Naruto-kun restarted Gai's heart by breathing life force... sadly Gai's body will make him unable to be shinobi anymore*
Gaara: Lee... we need to get him fast to medic shinobi...
Lee(shakes his head): Noone among medic shinobi can heal such state of the body.
Gaara(pity look): I guess..
[The light wind is shown blowing across the battlefield, moving lee's hair ]

Lee: ... *Gai's sensei, I can not let you live with your dream shattered. Even although other may want to save you. In the end living unable to keep being shinobi is worse then death, it is what I learnt from you*
Gaara: ?! (notices Lee raising his hand in the air )
Lee: *Forgive me, Naruto ! Farewell Master !* HA ! (swings his right hand with full force aiming at Gai's heart)
[Shot on the someone hand catching Lee's right hand in mid-motion]
[Sasuke is shown turned back to Lee and Gaara.]
Lee/Gaara: Sasuke ?!
[Sasuke crouches as he put his left hand with crescent moon on the Gai's burnt body]
[Gai's body glows intensively.]
[Sasuke is shown raising on his legs straighten his stance with back still turned to Lee and Gaara. Glow wears off show's Gai's skin regenerating as Sasuke releases Lee' hand from grip]

Lee: *His body * How... did you do it, Sasuke ?!
Sasuke: let's leave talking for other time. In short he will recover soon.
*Well I am amazed by my own power . It is done Naruto, now hold on Naruto I am comming back*
[Sasuke's feet is shown jumping from the ground creating powerfull burst on the ground.]
[Scene changes to Naruto standing in place with his eyes closed]
Naruto(worried): Strange... I can not feel Madara nearby *I have to focus and find him before it will be ?!*
Naruto(serious): *Too late ?!, I found him next to Kakashi. Damn !*
[The scene changes to Kakashi hold in the air by Madara choking him with his right hand]
Kakashi(struggles): Argh !! *It is not use... he is too strong*
Madara(glares at Kakashi): Send me, to other dimenssion or I will kill you !

Kakashi(barerly opening his normal eye): No...I won't do it *Forgive me Obito, Naruto but I won't allow for Madara to regains his other eye.*
[Shot on Madara's hand tighten hold around Kakashi's neck]
Kakashi(barerly struggles): *even if it cost me my life !*
[Scene shifts to Obito kneeling on one knee facing Sakura in other dimenssion.]
Obito(pants and coughs): Please kill me...
Obito(try to smiles): This is the last request I have *Finally I will meet the Rin after paying for my sins.*
Sakura(terrified with widden eyes): ?!
Sakura(try to laugh): This is not time to joke, you know Obito. If it was some time back then I wouldn't mind but now I feel you don't deserves death. You can help us fight Madara, (swallows saliva) we need you Obito.

Obito(lower his head with smile): In some ways you make me feel better, besides you reminds me of the Rin...
Sakura: ?!
Obito(calmly and serious): But it also bring painfull memories back to me as well. Days/month and even years I was imposing Madara while doing many wrong things. Sadly Madara's will is still sticked to my body even now, I won't bee free from this curse until I die. Please do me this favour, Sakura
Sakura(harden face's expression): ?! (make few step forwards)
Black Zetsu(wakes up): ?! *Yes, the moment Obito will lower his guard getting ready to die I get small opening to takes over....I have to hit the timming perfect because clearly the Girl's punch packs a lot of strength.*
Sakura(sadly look): I am sorry for your life Obito. However I won't ignore your last request... If it is death wish then so be it.

Obito(closes his eyes): Thank you (tear comes from his eye) (relaxes his entire body)
Sakura(get serious): Shanaroo ! (throws her glowing fist at kneeling Obito)
[Zoom on Obito's right side of face with Rinnegan in center is shown]
Obito: ?! (Sakura's punch is shown few inches from Obito's face)
Obito: Kamui !
[Sakura's glowing fist is shown passing through Obito's body]
Sakura: ?! (Pull her arm back from the Obito)
[Obito's right arm covered by blackness grabs Sakura's right hand]
Black Zetsu: Gotcha !
Sakura: Obito ?!
Black Zetsu: Kamui ! (swirl forms around Obito's left MS)

[Obito along with Sakura are shown drawn inside swirl]
[Scene shifts back to Kakashi being choked by Madara]
Madara: That it. If you don't use it, then I will rip this eye and use it myself !
[Madara thrust black staff vertically aiming Kakashi's chest. next to Madara's swirl form from thin air]
Madara: ?! (stops his hand in mid-motion)
[Obito along with Sakura are shown appearing outside.]
Madara(smirks, pleased): so you finally shown yourself, Obito. * ?!(senses) Ah it is you, Black Zetsu. Time to become one entity again.*
Black Zetsu: Yes Madara-sama
Sakura: ?! (releases herself from BZ Obito's grip jumping backwards)

[Kakashi's numb body is shown falling on the ground as Madara releases his grip.]
[Madara appears and grabs Obito by throat as Blackness with Rinnegan eye deattach itself from Obito's body]
[Blur figure is shown shorten the distance at blitizing speed to Madara. ]
Madara(turns around): ?! (merges with Blackness)
[Naruto is shown landing powerfull punch at Madara's staff hold in front of his chest]
Naruto: tastes it !
Madara(struggles): ?! *staff breaks into pieces*
[Naruto is shown pushing further landing clean hit on Madara's chest]
[Madara is send flying in the big rock in background.]
Madara: ARGH ! *Damn, he caught me off-guard !*
[Madara crashes into rock creating powerfull shockwave spreading around]

[Naruto rushes to Kakashi's side ]
Naruto: Kakashi sensei, are you alright ?! (raises him to his feet)
Kakashi(raving with barerly open eye): Naruto, is that you ...
Naruto: Sensei !, *damn, Madara really treated him in harsh way.... he will pay for that !*
Naruto: Hold on, sensei. I will bring you back on your feet (put his right hand with the sun on Kakashi's body)
[Zoom in Kakashi's inner body is shown with heart pumping more chakra]
Naruto: Do you feel better ?! (pull his arm back as he let Kakashi sits on his ass)
Kakashi: Naruto ?! *wow , what was that amazing life force just moment ago*
[Naruto comes next to Obito as he put his hand with sun on Obito's body]
Naruto: You need to leave this place fast... The hell of battle will be unleashed here soon (moves aside with serious expression on face.)

[Obito is shown kneeling with one hand covering his bleeding eye socket]
Obito: Argh !... Thank you Naruto *Damn, my eye I didn't expect black Zetsu to use such oppening, damn !*
Naruto(straighten posture): Sakura, please heals Obito's empty eyesocket and stop bleeding. I am comming towards Madara.
Sakura: Um... ok. Naruto. *I hope you know what you are doing.*
[Huge explosion goes in in background seen from Naruto's eyes.]
[Extreme powerfull shockwave get unleashed which destroys almost everything on it's way]
Naruto(cover himself with both arms): here he comes ! (Sakura, Kakashi, Gaara and Obito are shown blown away by shockwave)
[Madara burst out from the curtain of the dust. Sasuke is shown appearing behind Madara's back]

[Zoom in Sasuke's 9 tomoe Rinnegan]
Sasuke: Rinbo Hengoku !
[Madara extends one of his hand which catches transparent glowing sphere of gravital push visible as transparent stream flowing enclosed in sphere ]
Madara(smirks): Sphere of gravity destruction !
Sasuke(notices highly condensed orb closing to him): Shit !
[Sasuke is shown hit straight into stomach by orb of highly focused gravity power]
Sasuke: Argh ! (Sasuke is pushed by force of the gravity orb)
[The orb explode sending Sasuke hurling down at fast peace. Naruto is shown charging at Madara at blitzing speed with his leg stretched to kick Madara ]

Madara: useless (only Madara's mouth are shown moving )
Naruto: ?! (flies through where Madara's was as he disappeared)
[Madara is shown appearing behind Naruto's back as he keep moving with attack]
Madara: I am here ! (Madara is shown with glowing violently Rinnegan in both eyes)
Naruto(turns around for second): shit !
[Madara land clean spining kick on Naruto's face]
[Naruto is shown hurling down in the same direction where Sasuke crushed down just moment ago.]
[Naruto crushes into ground creating big shockwave comming off in all directions.]
[The cloud of dust get blown off and scatter as new Naruto and Sasuke are shown]
[Naruto looks like in the lastest chapter with BSM cloak, while Sasuke has glowing black chakra coat opened with his upper body and lower body white ended with black shoes. On his neck there is black magatama necklace with tomoes. He has also two sticking over others spiky hairs in black color, as Rinnegan in eye and Juubi's eye in other glowing.]

[Madara's chakra/energy spikes in few seconds as he burst out in the huge amount of black flames, with flares floating around]
[Both Madara's Rinnegan glows violently. The marking on Madara's robes gets thicked and bolded as they are glowing violently with purple glow.]
[Little shocked faces of Naruto and Sasuke are shown as they notice immense black clouds covering the sky above Madara.]
Madara: Wielder of Sharingan and Rinnegan powers, and Wielder of Senjutsu of six paths beware my Infinite power ! (excited with evil smirks) (put staff ended with crescent Moon on ground while other end ended with Sun is in center of his chest)

NOTE: Madara has tomoes of magatama at the end of sleeves and where his cloak ends.
Side text: Naruto and Sasuke unleashes their final power, Can they stop even more powerfull Madara ?! [/B]

Naruto 675 - Grand Finale of Shinobi World's Fate


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