Naruto manga 687 prediction : The rain of ash bones

KAKASHI bito !
OBITO : Sayonnara Kakashi
OBITO : I am going to meet Rin
( The crumbling starts from the center of his stomach and spread towards his eyes)

NARUTO : Damn it Damn it

SHUKAKU : Naruto listen to me
NARUTO : Huh ! Shukakau
SHUKAKU : Us magnet release
NARUTO : ...
SHUKAKU : I will help you for that with that you and your friend will be able to
escape from strong magnetic force.Right now the place that you struck act like
a strong magnet see the sharpened structures in the ground ?

NARUTO : I see
KAGUYA : I will eliminate the rest
( Shoot more ash bones )
(Suddenly a black shieled is developed around him)
( suddenly kaguya is replaced in to where Naruto and Sasuke laid down. Naruto and Sasuke quickly arrive
beside Kakashi. )
NARUTO : Kakashi about your friend
KAKASHI : I am proud about him

KAGUYA : Replacing me in to this place won't effect me

KAGUYA: ! ???
BLACK ZETSU : We are tricked again
( Black zetsu andKaguya notice a seal pattern in the ground )
BLACK ZETSUS : [Shukaku's sealing technique]
KAGUYA : [ It is difficult to move ]
SASUKE : Let's seal her

( Naruto and Sasuke move towards her at a safe distance they both project their symbols towards her )

But suddenly Kaguya drop a smile

NARUTO : Huh !

( Suddenly a huge Ash bone missing an inch of Naruto and fall infront of him )
NARUTO look at the sky
(See a huge dimension portal sending huge rain of ash bones )
SAKURA ; What ?
( NARUTO quickly throw a huge rasenshuriken with lava ball of four tail merged towards falling bones )
But it only gives them more time . More and more ash bones falling )
SASUKE : Amaterasu !
( Some of the bones burned down in to ashes )

(Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto dodging and running away from it )

SAKURA : There is no end to it

( NARUTO shield all of them with gudou dama )

(The seal that bind KAGUYA slowly fade )
BLACKZETSU : Looks like the seal isonly for a few minutes
(Kaguya form a new dimension portal and enter in to it.)
KAGUYA : The rain of ash bones won't stop until the enemy dies

On the other side
The gudou dama break slowly by the continuous falling of ash bones on it..
They get a view of outside from the crack
NARUTO : Even gudou dama can 't ?
SAKURA : Now what we will do ?

suddenly all the ash bones disappear in to a dimension barrier

NARUTO : This jutsu...

KAKASHI : Sensei !

A scene shows Minato holding thunder god kunai at a mountain with full arms


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Naruto Prediction 687: The former and the present transmigrants!

Panel shows the shocked face of Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke.

Obito: before it's too late, I want you to take care of this and continue to see the future for me (getting the two mangekyo sharingan and giving it to kakashi). Goodbye kakashi.

Kakashi: Obito....
But before Kakashi got the sharingan from obito a burst of chakra came from naruto surprised them!

Naruto: (talking to the bijuu's) Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Goku, Chomei, Saiken, Fu, Gyuuki, Kurama! Please lend me all of your powers!

Naruto: whoooaaaaaaaa!!!!

Sasuke, Kakashi, Sakura, Black Zetsu and Kaguya was shocked!

Black Zetsu: (now he's getting stronger again!) be careful mother!

Kaguya preparing to shoot a new bones to Naruto and Sasuke.

We can see a panel where the bones coming from the hand's of Kaguya was released and going to hit Sasuke and Naruto!

When suddenly Naruto Formed a shield using his Godou dama and a new avatar was formed similar to ashura's mode.

Kaguya: !!!!!!!

Sakura and Kakashi: !!!!!!

Sasuke: (with a smirk) you're not the only one who's capable of doing that! (Sasuke summoned his Final susano'o with the same height as naruto's new avatar)

Naruto: You'll gonna pay for everything you've done to my friends!!!

Sasuke: wait idiot! Let me do this first! (Sasuke's susano'o enveloped naruto's new avatar)

Naruto and Sasuke shown standing on the forehead of the combine Susano'o and Naruto's new chakra avatar.

Black Zetsu: Mother! Do it now! (Hahaha! It'll be over now!)

Kaguya: (took a large bone from her back and shoot it to Naruto and Sasuke when suddenly it disappears!)

Black Zetsu: It's a kumui? Obito?!

Kakashi: No! It's me! (We see a picture of 2 sharingan's on kakashi's eye)

Kakashi: You'll gonna pay you monster! Go Naruto and Sasuke! I will be your support.

Scene switches to the Edo Hokage's and the Sage of the six paths.

Tobirama: what?! We have to use Edo Tensei to revive Madara?!

Hashirama: let's just listen and obey to him brother!

Rikudou: we also need his help. He can also give the chakra that I need to perform the jutsu.

Minato: Rikudou-sama has a point lord second.

Tobirama: tsk! do as you please.....

Hashirama: I never though that I can meet you rikudou-sama! And to think that I will have a chance to fight with my best friend! I feel so happy! Hahahahaha!!!

Scene switches to Naruto and Co.

We see a panel where all of them was breathing heavily.

Kaguya: Pant! Pant! Pant!

Black Zetsu: to think that you can push mother as far as this! It's pretty impressive!

Black Zetsu: Mother! I think you can finished them now!

A close up to kaguya's sharinnegan or her forehead.

When suddenly the time stops! And when Kaguya was about to lay her hands to Naruto and Sasuke to take their chakra.

......: !!!!!

......: !!!!!

A kick and a punch landed on Kaguya's face!

We can see both Madara and Hashirama standing infront of Sasuke and Naruto!

Sasuke and Naruto: ???!!!!

Madara: it's a long story! The talking can be wait! But let us finish this first!

Madara: You'll gonna pay black Zetsu!

Hashirama: sorry if we're late! Hahahahahaha!!?

Black Zetsu: how did they get here?!!!

The last panel show's the Rikudou, the other Edo Hokage's along with Sakura and Kakashi.

New company?

What can they contribute to defeat Kaguya?

What is the Jutsu that Rikudou Sennin was talking about?

Find out on the next chapter!

Next Chapter: Combined powers!

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Naruto 687 - every justu has a weakness

Scene starts out with Obito crumbling from ash bone

Obito: thank you everyone, especially you naruto, for bringing me back to the light

Naruto: no! I won't let you die (reaches out to touch Obito with sun seal)

Obito catches narutos arms: no naruto, this is what I wanted( releases narutos arm)

Obito: Kakashi, take care now, its your turn to see the world with your own two eyes ( Obito smiles and completely turns to ash)

Naruto stands up looking towards kaguya with clenched fist: that will be my last comrade that will die by your hands!!

Blackz: with this gravity you hardly be able to move, how do you expecte to land a hit

Sasuke: naruto, he's right( gets interrupted)

Naruto: no, its just like itachi said, every justu has a weakness!!

Sasuke!!(shocked)thinking to himself, did he come up with a plan already?

Naruto creates a clone and uses chakra arms to throw clone in the air, at the peak the clone slingshots the real naruto even higher

Sasuke: what is that idiot doing? He won't be able to make a hit from up there, and ninjustu won't work

Kakashi: Sasuke, never underestimate your team mates, naruto is smarter than you think

Naruto creates another clone a lil bit higher than himself and plants his feet on it to use as a kickoff.
Naruto;(looking down atkaguy creates rasengan): get ready Cruz here I come!!

Blackz: he's plufffing mother, he's too far away to land a close combat attack like that

Naruto focuses chakra to feet and jumps off clone towards kaguya and is instantly hitting kaguya in the back crushing her into the ground

Everybody is shocked as naruto jumps back to the rest of the team

Sasuke: how!? How did you move that fast?, even my eyes couldn't follow

Naruto: as I said every justu has a weakness! With this gravity anything will fall 10x faster

Sasuke; so that's how, you've gotten smarter, I'll give you that

Kaguya is shown standing up while regenerating her back

Kaguya: how dare you make a mockery of me, this time you die!!

Portal opens behind naruto and Sasuke with bones flying out, both easily dodge

Sasuke: its my turn( fly's upwards with susanoo)

Black zetsu: keep your eyes on him mother

Sasuke starts to pull back huge susanoo arrow

Kaguya raises one hand towards Sasuke: I won't fall for the same trick twice!!

Sasuke shoots arrow but kaguya already has a portal open as the arrow goes through it

Sasuke: shit it didn't work ( Sasuke drops back to the ground due to gravity and lands by sakura and Kakashi)

Blackz: your efforts are worth less(shocked look)
How?scene shows naruto right in front of kaguya with sword made out of truth seeking balls slicing kaguyas arm off, as black zestu and kaguyas arm fall to the ground naruto stabs black zestu killing him

Kaguya hits naruto with air palm sending him flying back as Kakashi catches him

Kaguya: how dare you!! ( tries to regenerate arm but can't since it was cut by the truth seeking balls)

Sakura: naruto are you trying to get yourself killed?? And how did you even get over there?

Naruto: she was to busy focusing on sasuke I just slipped through her portal to get closer to her

Kakashi: so it seems every justu does have a weakness

Sasuke: naruto, I'm impressed but now you pissed her off

Kaguya is shown with a pissed off look

Kaguya: that is the last straw, no more conserving chakra!!!

A huge portal opens over head that leads to the acid dimension with acid pouring out

Team 7 has shocked look on their face
The end

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Naruto Chapter 687 prediction

The scene starts out with Obito screaming in pain from the ash bones and starts to disintegrate.

Sasuke: What's going on with him?
Naruto: Same thing that happened to me, once the bone touches you, you disintegrate and die.
Naruto: I’ve got an idea. I’ll use the light weight boulder on you and me, the same technique old man Onoki uses.

Naruto performs the jutsu and makes himself and Sasuke lighter.
Sasuke: This is much better.
BZ: That brat Naruto has picked up a few things.
Sasuke: My left eye works again.

Sasuke’s eye is shown with 9 tomoe, different from the 6 tomoed one.
Kaguya uses byakugan to see what’s going on, and is shocked to see Sasuke with 9 tomoed rinnegan.
Sasuke: I’ve been saving chakra and focuses it in my left eye.
Panel widens with Sasuke’s left eye using Dimensional Shifting.
Scene shows them back to the real world and out of the high gravity world, and Black Zetsu is surprised that Sasuke can use it as well.

Kaguya/BZ: No way. Sasuke as well.
Naruto: Doesn’t that take a lot of chakra to use?
Sasuke: Yes, but I’ve been building it up remember? Hey, can you ask the biju if they can muster up chakra so I can shift our position to her.

Naruto: Yeah, no problem, Sasuke. Always a step ahead of everyone.
Kaguya is shown panting from the constant switching dimensions and ashbone killing.
The crescent moon on Sasuke’s left palm and the circle mark on Naruto’s right palm touch, as Naruto passes some chakra to Sasuke. Sasuke teleports both him and Naruto and swaps places with Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu is shown on top of the huge tree created by Madara’s wood release. The four Hokage and Rikudo Sennin are surprised to see Naruto and Sasuke, but was more surprised when he sees his mother.

Kaguya: Hagoromo, is that you? I hate you and Hamura.
Hagoromo: I hated you just as much, mother.
Kaguya: Where’s Hamura, so I could kill both of you?

Hagoromo: His soul is the Shiki Fujin.
Sarutobi is shown performing hand seals and summons the Shiku Fujin.
Hagoromo: Yes that’s him. Mother, remember that seal you placed on him in our last battle, where I sealed you inside me. It transformed his soul into this.

Kaguya: I won’t let you unseal him.
Kaguya travels to the ground where Hagoromo and the four Hokage are, only for Sasuke to use chidori and slice her left arm off. Sasuke then pierces her right eye byakugan, and steals her forehead Sharinnegan.

BZ: I will never forgive you, Sasuke.
Black Zetsu tries to travel using the ground, but Naruto uses acid from the Rokubi and melts BZ.
Kaguya is shown bleeding from her right eye and forehead. She screams and tries to use shikotsumyaku on Sasuke. Sasuke then places the forehead Rinnegan in his right palm. Sasuke then activates Izanagi just in time with the forehead Rinnegan, as the Shikotsumyaku seemingly kills Sasuke.

Naruto: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasuke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll kill you myself, Kaguya.

Kaguya tries to attack, Naruto, but her vision is greatly reduced because of only having one eye. Her right eye is shown opened once again, but this time with a rinnegan.

Kaguya: I also have Madara’s abilities, including his eyes.
Kaguya then proceeds to attack Naruto, but is stabbed in the heart by none other than Sasuke. Sasuke: When you use Izanagi with a red rinnegan, you can use it as many times without going blind.
Sasuke’s right palm has Kaguya’s forehead rinnegan. Now that I have this eye, the eye that casted the Mugen Tsukuyomi, I’ll cancel the jutsu. Suddenly the moon is shown bright once again, but this time, red in color. The huge tree is shown receding back to the ground,and everyone is shown alive.
Chapter ends with Hagoromo with a smile on his face. Naruto smiles at Sasuke as well.

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Naruto 687 Prediction - Hagoromo's knowledge

~ Obito smiles, thinking about Rin. He falls. ~
~ Kakashi jumps over to Obito to catch him. ~

Obito: Kakashi
Obito: The last time this happened I wasn't able... -

~ Obito coughs out some blood. ~

Obito: I wasn't able to give you both of my eyes.
Obito: But this time...

Kakashi: I understand, Obito.

~ Naruto is shown shedding a tear for Kakashi's fallen comrade. ~
~ Naruto looks at Kaguya with hatred in his eyes. ~

Kurama: Sasuke's back and I'm ready so let's do this now, Naruto!

~ Naruto clenches his jaw. ~

Black Zetsu: We must finish them off now, mother...

~ Kaguya launches more bone projectiles at Kakashi and Obito. ~
~ Naruto appears in front of them instantaneously! ~

Kaguya: (So fast!)

~ Black Zetsu gasps, eyes and mouth wide open. ~
~ Naruto uses the Gudodama he has manifested into staves to crumble the bones. ~
~ Kakashi, behind Naruto, looks up at him and sees Minato. ~

Kakashi: (You'd be proud, sensei).

~ Kakashi takes Obito's eyes and jumps back over to Sakura who is with Sasuke ~
~ Sasuke activates his perfect Susanoo. ~

Sasuke: Naruto, let's end this once and for all.

Naruto: This ***** is going down!

~ Naruto is getting ready to jump at Kaguya, a Gudodama staff in his mouth and the other in his hand. ~

~ The scene goes back to Hagoromo with the four previous Hokage. ~

Hashirama: In that case... I will gather some chakra.

~ Hashirama claps his hands together, the markings appearing on his face. ~
~ Hagoromo places his hand over his hand, absorbing the chakra at a steady rate. ~

Tobirama: I've still got plenty of chakra. Take mine too...

~ Hagoromo places his other hand over Tobiramas head, absorbing his chakra also ~

Hiruzen: I don't have much chakra, how can I help?

Minato: Me too! How can I help?
Minato: (I can't even sense their chakra anymore...)
Minato: (I hope Naruto is okay.)

~ Minato looks despondent, bowing his head. ~

Tobirama: Sage. Our enemy... Is he powerful?

Hagoromo: Yes. She is.

Tobirama: She? Who are we up against exactly?

~ Hagoromo's face tenses for a moment. ~

Hagoromo: Kaguya. My mother!

~ The four Hokage look at Hagoromo! ~

Tobirama: !
Hashirama: !
Hiruzen: !
Minato: !

Tobirama: So... The legends were true... How can we hope to defeat her?

Hagoromo: My brother Hamura and I were able to seal her using both Yin release and Yang release.
Hagoromo: It takes a tremendous amount of chakra, and hopefully, Naruto and Sasuke will soon perform it.

~ Hagoromo takes both of his hands off of Hashirama and Tobirama. ~

Hagoromo: That should be enough chakra. I will now show you the hand seals.

~ Hagoromo performs the hand seals: Saru, Tatsu, I, Uma, Mi, Tori, Tora, Mi, I. ~
~ Minato's jaw drops. ~

Hiruzen: What is it Minato?

Minato: Those seals...
Minato: Are you sure that they can handle it?

~ Hagoromo frowns. ~

Hagoromo: My sons would not have transmigrated to unworthy shinobi. They can do it!

Minato: Then what are waiting for?!

~ Tobirama smirks. Hashirama smiles. ~
~ Hagoromo opens the third eye on his forehead and the five are transported to another dimension! ~
~ They appear behind Kaguya, hundreds of metres away. The four Hokage kneel due to the gravity! ~

Tobirama: (I feel so heavy!)

Hashirama: Sage... Where are we and why do I feel so weighed down?

Hagoromo: This is one of my mothers several dimensions. The gravity here is far stronger.

~ Hagoromo senses his mothers chakra, his forehead corrugating. ~
~ Naruto can sense the sage and the four hokage's chakra. ~

Sasuke: Naruto...
Naruto: I know!

~ Kakashi looks at Naruto smiling. ~

Kakashi: (How did they get here...)
Kakashi: No matter... Kaguya, it's time to meet your demise!

~ We are seen a close-up of Kakashi with Obito's Sharingans in each eye ~

Kakashi: I will not let Obito die in vein!
Kakashi: Kamui!


Picking up from the last chapter, Obito dies. Kakashi is given Obito's eyes and Sakura attaches them for him being a medical ninja. Black Zetsu suggests to Kaguya to kill him and so she does. She is stopped by Naruto destroying her bone projectiles using his Gudodama. Sasuke and Naruto get ready to have their final fight with Kaguya, together.

The scene goes back to Hagoromo and the past Hokages. Hashirama and Tobirama give chakra to the sage to teleport them to the other dimension where Kaguya is. Minato shows them the hand seals to the sealing jutsu, Minato recognising due to him having an in-depth knowledge of Fuinjutsu and questions if Naruto and Sasuke can perform that seal.

They are taken to the other dimension where they face the harshness of the gravity, Naruto and Sasuke both sensing their presence. Naruto is happy to see his dad back again, however Kakashi is in not going to let his arch rival and best friend (Obito) die in vein, using both of his Sharingan to ensure Kaguya's demise.
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Naruto Manga 687: "At long last!"


Editor's text: "A HERO'S FINAL WORDS!!"

Obito's body is starting to crack, as he's shown with a pained face.

Kakashi: "No... Not again... Obito!"
Naruto: "Obito!!"
Sakura: "It can't be..."
Sasuke: "Tch..."


Obito: "I... can... stil... do something..."

Obito turns back and walks slowly towards Naruto and Sasuke.

Naruto: "Sasuke, quickly!!"
Sasuke: "Hn."

Naruto and Sasuke are struggling to get back on their feet.


Naruto and Sasuke prepare to touch Obito with their right and left arms respectively.

Obito: "No... you don't... have to... do this!"
Kakashi: (Thinking) "Obito... you are already... This is just your will!"

Tears go down from Kakashi's cheeks.


Sakura is shown with tears in her eyes as well.

Sakura: "No way... Obito..."
Obito: "Sasuke... listen... to me..."

Sasuke is shown with surprised expression, but quickly after that is shown getting serious.

Obito: "Did you... understand...?"


Large page is shown as Sasuke is looking with enraged look at Kaguya's direction and Obito falls down on his knees.

Sasuke: "Yeah... Don't worry, I've got this!"
Naruto: "Obito... Hey, freak! I'm going to beat the crap out of you!"


Obito: "Naruto... Sasuke... I leave... the rest to you!"

Obito falls on the ground, as his body is almost completely destroyed by the bone. He looks up in the sky and sees Rin's image.


Rin: "I've been waiting for you, Obito..."

Rin is shown smiling at Obito's direction.

Obito: (Thinking) "Yeah... I'm coming... Finally... I'm..."
Kakashi: "Obitoooo!"


Obito's lifeless face is shown in a close-up, as Naruto is shown watery-eyed and Sasuke with enraged look.

Sasuke: "Naruto, get ready!"
Naruto: "Kakashi-sensei... Go to Sakura's place. Obito's final act won't be in vain!"


Black Zetsu: "Damn Obito... That nuisance won't get in our way anymore."
Kaguya: "..."

Kaguya struggles to get on her feet as well.

PAGE 10:

Kakashi goes to where Sakura is and helps her get up.

Sakura: "Kakashi-sensei... Obito is..."

Kakashi is still with tears on his eyes.

Kakashi: "Obito will continue to live in our hearts... That's because..."

PAGE 11:

Naruto and Sasuke are shown pointing their seals at each other.

Kakashi: "His will is still alive!"

Close-up is shown on Sasuke's Rinnegan and Kaguya is shown with shocked face.

PAGE 12:

Flashback appears in Sasuke's head.

Obito: "I... don't have... much time... left... When I die... use my body... for your technique... And summon Kaguya over here... That dimension... seems to affect her... as well... You must be... fast... and you'll be... able... to seal her... Farewell."
Naruto: "Sasuke! Did you properly thank Sakura-chan and Obito?!"

The flashback ends.

PAGE 13:

Sasuke: (Thinking) "Thank you... Obito!"
Naruto: "Do it, Sasuke!"
Sasuke: "Yeah... it's about time..."

The remaining part of Obito's body is shown teleported away from Naruto and Sasuke.

Sasuke: "We end this battle!"

PAGE 14:

Kaguya is shown teleported between Naruto and Sasuke's arms.

Black Zetsu: "Shit! Damn you, Sasuke Uchiha!!"
Kaguya: "No, not this!!"

PAGE 15:

Naruto: "Eat this! Haaaah!"
Sasuke: "Begone!!"
Kaguya: "No!!"

Kaguya attempts to attack Naruto and Sasuke with her bones, but they succeed in touching her with their seals.

PAGE 16:

Sasuke: "Yin..."
Naruto: "Yang..."
Naruto/Sasuke: "Release: Lunar Seal Jutsu!!"
Black Zetsu: "Mother!!"
Kaguya: "Uwaaaaaaahhhhh!"

PAGE 17:

Kaguya screams in pain, as suddenly they are teleported to the real world and Kaguya's body goes upwards just like the sphere of the Chibaku Tensei and is attracting stones from the ground.

Sakura: "Huh? We're back in the real world?"
Kakashi: "Yeah, it looks like..."

Naruto and Sasuke are both shown smirking.

Kakashi: "They did it!"

PAGE 18:

Scene switches to Hagoromo and the Hokages, as great light is shown coming from the place of the sealing.

Hashirama: "Hm? Where is that light coming from?"
Tobirama: "This chakra is..."
Minato: "Naruto and Sasuke-kun?"
Hagoromo: "This means that... my mother has been sealed!"

The four Hokages are looking in shock.

Editor's text: "AT LONG LAST!!"

Chapter 687/END

Next time: "Kaguya is gone, and what jutsu did Hagoromo use?!"

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